Mobile Devices

ICT has information on mobile device security. The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan has also published helpful tips on mobile device security.

Confidential Shredding

The university has a preferred provider for confidential shredding services.


The Access and Privacy Officer would be happy to meet with you or your unit to discuss access and privacy and any issues or questions specific to your unit. Please contact to arrange a meeting.

The Access and Privacy Branch of the Ministry of Justice provides training and resources to government bodies and local authorities. Please see their Access and Privacy Training for Saskatchewan Local Authorities

The Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Saskatchewan also offers webinars and other resources. Although targetted at municipalities, LA FOIP 101 provides a brief overview of the legislation, including access to information, exemptions, and protection of personal information. Please note that the head of the university for the purposes of LA FOIP is the Vice President Finance and Resources, pursuant to university policy. Also, employees are not expected to deal with access requests or privacy breaches, or reviews or investigations with the Information and Privacy Commissioner on their own; please contact the Access and Privacy Officer who will help you navigate the issue and represent the univeristy in matters with the Information and Privacy Commissioner.