Privacy and Security Tips for Working Remotely

For information on how to safely work remotely, please see

Devices and Networks:

  • use university-managed laptops if you have one
  • people with personal computers and university desktops should use RDP (Remote Desktop)
  • lock your computer or device when not in use
  • use university-provided software and avoid use of free or demo software
  • use secure networks and avoid free, public wifi
    • ensure your home network has a strong, complex password
    • if you've given guests access in the past, change password
    • know which devices are connected and run antivirus software; disconnect infected devices and contact IT for further guidance
  • ensure other household members are protecting the security of your network and devices
    • only access websites and download from trusted sources
    • instruct others in your household to not access work devices 


  • only use USask email for USask business
  • be alert to phishing attacks
  • refrain from emailing documents that contain  restricted data


  • avoid use of USB or portable storage devices to transport university data 
  • store university data and personal information on university services such as OneDrive
  • avoid copying or storing university data on your personal, unmanaged computer or laptop or mobile devices

Paper, telephone and video:

  • avoid transporting paper records off-campus
    • where possible, scan and store in institutional storage to be retrieved securely at home
    • if you have paper records containing personal information or other sensitive or confidential university data at home:
      • keeps an inventory of all files and records removed from campus
      • store it in a secure manner
      • set aside confidential shredding in a secure manner to be processed at a later date
  • instruct others in your household not to access work documents
  • telephone, conference and video calls should be conducted in private


  • report any privacy breaches to your supervisor and the Access and Privacy Office,  

IT Support Services staff would be happy to consult with you on your specific work needs to ensure you’re well configured to securely work off campus. If you need any assistance in getting set up to work remotely, please visit to submit a ticket and one of our Support Specialists will be in touch.